Dura-Whelp Box

Dura-Whelp Box


All of our whelping boxes come complete with a full door and frame, puppy rails, and a floor.

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Dura-Whelp® is the Original PROFESSIONAL whelping box.

The worlds Cleanest & Easiest & Safest whelping boxes “since 1994” JUST GOT BETTER!

  • Box walls come as a single completed unit
  • Assembly simply requires 4 screws (included with every box).
  • The assembled Dura-Whelp® is easy to clean, light-weight and easily moved, our imitators’ boxes come apart when lifted, ask them.
  • The Puppy Rails offer added safety, so you can sleep at night and are FREE with every whelping box.
  • Full Door (included) slides up and out.
  • as featured in the AKC Gazette
  • U.S. Patent No. 5,497,729.

3-Year Guarantee!

New improved DOOR system with every new box or upgrade your DOOR & FRAME today. Also MORE OPTIONS including: corner braces, half door.


  • Small 34" x 34" x 15"
  • Medium 40" x 40" x 20"
  • Large 48" x 48" x 20"
  • Extra-Large 60" x 48" x 23"

Breed to Box Recommendation

Use the tabel below to help with fitting your breed to our Dura-Whelp Box:

Affenpinscher Small Medium
Afghan Tazi, Baluchi Hound Large Extra-Large
Aidi Chien De L'Atlas, Atlas Sheepdog, Kabyle Dog Large Extra-Large
Ainu Ainu Inu, Hokkaido Dog Large Extra-Large
Airedale Waterside Terrier Large
Akbash Coban Kopegi, Akbas Extra-Large
Akita Akita Inu, Japanese Akita Large Extra-Large
Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog otto Large Extra-Large
Alaskan Malamute Large Extra-Large
Alpine Dachsbracke Alpenlandischer Dachsbracke Medium Large
American Bulldog Old Country Bulldog Extra-Large
American Eskimo American Husky, Esquimaux Extra-Large Large
American Foxhound Extra-Large
American Pit Bull Terrier Pit Bull, Pit Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Large
American Staffordshire Am Stff Medium Large
American Water Spaniel Medium Large
Anatolian Shepherd Coban Kopegi, Karabas, Kangal Dog , Antolian Shepherd
Anglo-Francais De Petit Venerie Small Anglo-French Hound Medium
Appenzell Mountain Dog Appensell Cattle Dog, Appenzeller Sennenhund, Large Medium
Argentine Dogo Dogo Argentino, Argentinian Mastiff Extra-Large
Ariege Pointer Braque d'Arege, Arege Setter Large
Ariegeois Large
Australian Cattle Dog Australian Queensland Heeler, Blue Heeler, Hall's Heller Medium Large
Australian Greyhound Kangaroo Hound, Kangaroo Dog Extra-Large
Australian Kelpie Kelpie, Barb Medium
Australian Shepherd Medium
Australian Terrier Aussie Small Medium
Austrian Pinscher Osterreichischer, Kurzhaariger Pinscher Medium
Auvergne Pointer Bleu d' Auvergne, Braque D' Auvergne Large
Azawakh Tuareg Sloughi Medium Large
Balkan Hound Balkanski Gonic Medium Large
Barbet Griffon d`Arret a Poil Laineux Medium
Basenji Congo Dog Medium
Basset Artesian Normand Game Hunting, companion Medium
Basset Blue De Gascogne Blue Gascony Basset Medium
Basset Fauve de Bretgne Tawny Brittany Basset Medium
Basset Hound Large
Bavarian Mountain Hound Bayrischer Gebirgsschweisshund Large
Beagle English Beagle Medium
Beagle Harrier Medium
Bearded Collie Beardie Medium Large
Beauceron Berger de Beauce, Bas Roge, Beauce Shepherd Large Extra-Large
Bedlington Terrier Rothbury Terrier Medium Large
Belgian Malinois Belgian Shepherd Dog Large Extra-Large
Belgian Sheepdog Chien de Berger Belge, Belgian Shepherd,Groenendael Large
Belgian Tervuran Large Extra-Large
Bergamasco Bergamese Shepherd, Can da Pastore Bergamasco Large Extra-Large
Berger De Picard Picardy Shepherd Large
Berner Lufhund Bernese Hound Medium
Bernese Mountain Dog Berner Sennenhund Extra-Large Large
Bichon Frise Tenerife Dog Medium
Billy Chien de Franche-Comte Large
Black & Tan Coonhound American Black and Tan Coonhound Extra-Large
Black Forest Hound Slovensky Kopov, Slovakian Hound Medium
Black Russian Terrier Medium
Bloodhound St. Hubert Hound, Chien St. Hubert Extra-Large
Blue Picardy Spaniel Epagneul Blue de Picardie Large
Bluetick Coonhound American Black-and-tan Coonhound Large
Bolognese Bichon Bolognese Small
Border Collie Large Medium
Border Terrier Small Medium
Borzoi Russian Wolfhound Extra-Large
Bosnian Rough-Coated Hound Bosanski Ostrodlaki Gonic Medium Large
Boston Terrier Boston Bull Small
Bourbonnais Pointer Braque du Bourbonnais,Bourbonnais Setter Medium Large
Bouvier des Flandres Belgian Cattle Dog Extra-Large
Boxer Large
Bracco Italiano Italian Pointer, Italian Setter Extra-Large Large
Braque St. Germain Saint Germanin Pointer, Compiegna Pointer Large
Briard Berger de Brie Extra-Large
Briquet Griffon Vendeen Large
Brittany Spaniel Epagneul Breton, Brittany Spaniel Medium Large
Bruno Jura Laufhund Jura Hound, Bruno de Jura, Jura Laufhund Medium
Brussels Griffon Griffon Belge Small Medium
Bull Boxer Medium
Bull Terrier English Bull Terrier Medium
Bulldog English Bulldog Medium Large
Bullmastiff Extra-Large
Ca De Bestiar Perro de Pastor Mallorquin, Mallorquin Shepherd Extra-Large Large
Ca De Bou Perro de Presa Mallorquin, Mallorquin Bulldog Extra-Large Large
Cairn Terrier Small Medium
Canaan Dog Kelf K'naani, Israel Cabaab Dig Medium Large
Cane Corso Sicilian Branchiero, Cane di Macellaio Extra-Large Large
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Medium
Carolina Dog North American Native Dog Medium
Catahoula Leopard Catahoula Hog Dog, Catahoula cur Large
Catalan Sheepdog Gos d'Atura Catala, Perro de Pastor Catalan Large Medium
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Small Medium
Cesky Terrier Medium
Chart Poski Extra-Large Large
Chein d'Artois Briquet, Artois Hound Medium Large
Chesapeake Bay Retriever Chessie Large Extra-Large
Chihuahua Small
Chinese Crested Hairless, Powderpuff, Chinese Crested Dog Small Medium
Chinese Foo Large
Chinese Shar-Pei Chinese Fighting Dog,Shar Pei Large Medium
Chinook Large Extra-Large
Chow Chow Large
Cirneco Dell'Etna Sicilian hound, Sicilian Greyhound Medium Small
Clumber Spaniel Large Extra-Large
Cocker Spaniel American Cocker Spaniel Medium
Cockerpoo Medium
Collie Scottish Collie Large Extra-Large
Corded Poodle Caniche, Pudel, Bardonne Large
Coton de Tulear Medium
Croatian Sheepdog Hrvaski Ovcar Medium
Curly Coated Retriever Large Extra-Large
Czech Wolfdog Ceskoslovensky Vlcak Large
Czesky Fousek Czech Pointer, Czech Coarse-Haired Setter Large
Czesky Terrier Czech Terrier, Bohemian Terrier Small
Dachshound (Doxie), Zwergteckel (miniature) Normalschlag (Standard) Small Medium
Dalmatian (Dal) Large
Dandie Dinmont Terrier (Dandy) Medium
Deerhound Scottish Deerhound Extra-Large
Dingo Maliki, Warrigal, Noggum, Mirigung, Boolomo Medium
Doberman Pinscher (Dobie), Doberman Large Extra-Large
Dogue de Bordeaux French Mastiff Extra-Large Large
Drever Swedish Dachsbracker Medium
Dunker Norwegian Hound Medium Large
Dutch Partridge Dog Drentsch Partidge Dog, Drentse Patrijshond Large Medium
Dutch Sheepdog Schapendoes Large
Dutch Shepherd Hollandse Herdershond Large
Dutch Smoushond Hollandse Smoushond Medium Small
East Siberian Laika Vostotchno-Sibirskaia Laika Large Medium
English Cocker Spaniel Cocker Spaniel Medium
English Coonhound Redtick Coonhound Large
English Foxhound Foxhound Large
English Setter Extra-Large
English Shepherd Large
English Springer Spaniel Medium Large
English Toy Spaniel King Charles Spaniel Small
English Toy Terrier Black-and-Tan Toy Terrier, Toy Manchester Terrier Small
Entelbuch Mountain dog Entelbucheer Sennenhund, Entelbucher Cattle Dog Large
Entlebucher Sennenhund Large
Epagneul Bleu De Picardie Blue Picardy Spaniel Medium Large
Epagneul Pont-Audemer Pont-Audemer Spaniel Large Medium
Estrela Mountain Dog Cao da Serra da Estrela, Portuguese Sheepdog Large Extra-Large
Eurasier Eurasian Large
Field Spaniel Medium
Fila Brasileiro Brazilian Mastiff, Cao de Fila Extra-Large
Finnish Hound Suomenajokoira Finsk stovare Medium Large
Finnish Lapphund Lapinkoira, Lapland Dog Medium Large
Finnish Spitz Suomenpystkorva, Finsk Spets Medium
Flat-Coated Retriever Large Extra-Large
Fox Terrier - Smooth Smooth Fox Terrier Small
Fox Terrier - Wire Wire Fox Terrier Medium
Foxhound Large
French Bulldog Frenchie Medium
French Gascony Pointer Braque-Francais-type Gascogne, French Setter Large Medium
French Pyrenean Pointer Braque-Francais-type Pyrenees, Small-Sized French Setter Medium Large
French Spaniel Epagneul Francais Medium
German Hunting Terrier Deutscher Jagterrier Medium Small
German Pinscher Standard Pinscher Medium
German Shepherd Alsatian, Deutscher Schaferhund, Alsatian Wolf Dog Extra-Large
German Shorthaired Pointer Deutscher Drahthaariger Vorstehhund, Kurzhaar. GSP Large Extra-Large
German Spaniel Deutscher Wachetlhund, German Quail Dog Medium
German Spitz Deutscher Mittel Spitz Medium
German Spitz Toy Deutscher Spitz Klein Small
German Spitz: Giant Deutscher Gross Spitz Medium Large
German Wirehaired Pointer Deutscher Drahthaariger Vorstehhund Large Extra-Large
German Wolfspitz Chien Loup Large
Giant Schnauzer Riesenschnauzer Extra-Large
Glen of Imall Terrier Medium
Golden Retriever Extra-Large Large
Gorden Setter Extra-Large
Grand Anglo-Francais Blanc Et Noir Large Anglo-French Black and White Hound Large Extra-Large
Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen Large Vendeen Griffon Basset Medium
Grand Bleu De Gascogne Large Blue Gascony Hound Large Extra-Large
Grand Gascon-Saintongeois Virelande Large
Grand Griffon Veneen Large Vendeen Griffon Large
Great Dane German Mastiff Extra-Large
Great Pyrenees Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Chien de Montagne des Pyrenees Extra-Large
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Grosser Schweizer, Sennenhund, Great Swiss Cattle Dog Extra-Large
Greenland Dog Grunlandshund Large Extra-Large
Greyhound Large Extra-Large
Griffon Fauve De Bretagne Tawny Brittany Griffon Large Medium
Griffon Niveranis Chien de Pays Large
Haldenstovare Halden Hound, Haldenstover Large
Hamiltonstovare Hamilton Hound Large
Hanoverian Mountain Hound Hannoverscher, Schweisshund Extra-Large Large
Harrier Medium Large
Havanese Bichon Havanais, Havana Silk Dog Small
Hovawart Large
Hungarian Greyhound Magyar Agar Large
Hungarian Vizsla Magyar Vizsla, Drotszoru Magyar Vizsla Large
Hygenhund Hygenhound Large Medium
Ibizan Hound Balearic Dog, Ca Eibisenc, Podenco Ibicenco Large Medium
Iceland Dog Icelandic Dog, Islandsk Farehond, Friaar Dog Medium
Illyrian Sheepdog Sarplanina, Sar Planina, Charplaninatz Large
Inca Hairless Dog Peruvian Hairless Medium Large
Irish Red & White Setter Large
Irish Setter Irish Red Setter, Red Setter Large Extra-Large
Irish Terrier Irish red Terrier Medium
Irish Water Spaniel Parti-colored Setter Medium Large
Irish Wolfhound Extra-Large
Istrian Rough-Coated Hound Istrski Ostrodlaki Gonic Medium
Istrian Shepherd Krasky Ovcar, Karst Shepherd Large
Istrian Smooth-Coated Hound Istrski Kratkodlaki Gonic, Istrian Setter Medium
Italian Greyhound Piccolo Levriert Italiani Small Medium
Italian Hound Large Medium
Italian Spinone Spinone Italiano, Spinone Large Extra-Large
Jack Russel Terrier Small Medium
Japanese Chin Japanese Spaniel, Chin Small Medium
Japanese Spitz Small Medium
Japanese Terrier Nippon Terrier, Nihon Terrier Small Medium
Jindo Medium
Kai Dog Kai Inu, Tora Inu Medium
Kai Ken Medium
Karelian Bear Dog Karjalankarhukoira, Karelsk Bjornhund Medium Large
Keeshond (Kees), Wolfspitz Medium Large
Kerry Beagle Pocadan Large
Kerry Blue Terrier Irish Blue Terrier Medium
Komondor Hungarian Sheepdog Extra-Large
Kooiker Dog Dutch Decoy Spaniel, Kooikerhondje Medium
Kromforhrlander Medium
Kuvasz Hungarian Kuvasz Extra-Large
Kyi Leo Extra-Large Large
Labradoodle Large
Labrador Retriever Lab, Yellow Lab, Chocklet Lab, Black Lab Large Extra-Large
Laekenois Laekense, Chien de Berger Belge Large
Lakeland Terrier Medium
Lancashire Heeler Ormskirk Heeler Small
Landseer Extra-Large
Lapponian Herder Lapinporokoira, Lapland Reindeer Dog Large
Large French Pointer Large
Large Munsterlander Grosser Munsterlander Vorstehhund Large
Leonberger Extra-Large Large
Lhasa Apso Apso Seng Kyi Medium
Lowchen Little Lion Dog Small
Lpinporokoira Large Extra-Large
Lucas Terrier Small
Lundehund Norwegian Puffin Dog Small
Lurcher Large Extra-Large
Luzerner Laufhund Lucernese Hound Medium
Maltese Bichon Maltaise Small Medium
Manchester Terrier Black-and-Tan Terrier Small Medium
Maremma Sheepdog Maremma, Pastore, Abruzzese, Cane da Pastore Maremmano-Abruz Extra-Large Large
Mastiff Extra-Large
Mi-Ki Small
Middle Asian Ovcharka Central Asian Sheepdog, Mid-Asian Shepherd Extra-Large Large
Miniature Bull Terrier Medium
Miniature Dachshund Zwergteckel Small
Miniature Mexican Hairless Zoloitzcuintli, Tepeizeuintli Small
Miniature Pinscher Min Pin, Zwergpinscher Small Medium
Miniature Poodle Caniche Medium
Miniature Schnauzer Zwergschnauzer Small Medium
Mudi Hungarian Mudi Small
Neapolitan Mastiff Mastino Napoleano Extra-Large
New Guinea Singing Dog Small
New Zealand Huntaway New Zealand Sheepdog Large
Newfoundland Newfy Extra-Large
Niederlaufhunds Small Swiss Bernese, Lucerne Hounds Medium
Nordic Spitz Norbottenspets, Pohjanpystykorva Medium
Norfork Terrier Small Medium
Norrbottenspets Nordic Sptiz, Pohjanpystykorva Medium
North American Shepherd Miniature Australian Shepherd Small
Norwegian Buhund Norsk Buhund, Norwegian Sheepdog Large
Norwegian Elkhound Norsk Elghund, Elkhound, Grahund, Swedish Gray Dog Large
Norwich Terrier Small Medium
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Little River Duck Dog, Yarmouth Toller Large
Old Danish Pointer Gammeldansk Honsehund, Old Danish Bird Dog Medium
Old English Sheepdog Bobtail Extra-Large
Olde English Bulldogge Large Extra-Large
Otterhound Otterhund Large Extra-Large
Owczarek Podhalanski Extra-Large
Papillon Continental Toy Spaniel, Butterfly Spaniel Small Medium
Parson Jack Russell Terrier Small
Patterdale Terrier Small
Pekingese Foo Dog Small
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Small Medium
Perdguero De Burgos Large
Perdiguero Portugueso Large Medium
Perro De Pastor Mallorquin Ca De Bou Large
Peruvian Inca Orchid Moon Flower Dog, Perro Flora Medium
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Little Griffon Vendeen basset,PBGV Medium
Petit Bleu De Gascogne Small Blue Gascony Hound Medium Large
Petit Griffon De Gascogne Small Bleu Gascony Griffon Medium Large
Phalene Continental Toy Spaniel, Papillon, Squirrel Dog Small
Pharaoh Hound Kelb-tal Fenek (Rabbit Dog) Large
Picardy Shepherd Berger Picard, Berger de Picardie Large Extra-Large
Picardy Spaniel Epagneul Picard Medium Large
Planinsky Gonic
Plott Hound Large Medium
Podengo Portugueso Medio Medium Portuguese Hound Medium
Podengo Portugueso Pequeno Small Portuguese Hound Small
Pointer English Pointer Large Extra-Large
Poitevin Haut-Poitou Large
Polish Hound Ogar Polski Large
Polish Lowland Sheepdog Polskiowczaraknizinny, Polish Owczarek Nizinny Medium
Polish Tatra Sheepdog Tatra Mountain Sheepdog, Owczarek Podhalanski, Polish
Mountain Sheepdog
Pomeranian Pom, Dwarf Spitz, Loulou Small
Porcelaine Large
Portuguese Cattle Dog Cao de Castro Laboreiro Large
Portuguese Pointer Perdigueiro Portugueso Large Medium
Portuguese Shepherd Dog Cao da Serra de Aires, Portuguese Sheepdog Medium
Portuguese Watchdog Rafeiro Do Alentejo Extra-Large
Portuguese Water Dog Porty, Cao de Aqua Large
Posavac Hound Posavatz Hound, Posavski Gonic Medium
Prazsky Krysavik Small
Presa Canario Canary Dog Extra-Large
Pudelpointer Large
Pug Carlin, Mops, Mopse Small Medium
Puli Hungarian Puli, Hungarian Water Dog Medium Large
Pumi Hungarian Pumi Small Medium
Pyrenean Mastiff Mastin del Pirineo, Mastin d'Aragon Extra-Large
Pyrenean Sheepdog Labrit, Berger Des Pyrenees Small Medium
Rafeiro Do Alentejo Extra-Large
Rampur Greyhound Rampur Dog Large
Rat Terrier Small
Redbone Coonhound Redtick Coonhound Large
Rhodesian Ridgeback African Lion Hound Extra-Large
Rottweiler Rotty Large Extra-Large
Russo-European Laika Karelian Bear Laika, Russko-Europiskaia Laika Large
Saarloos Wolfhound Saarloos Wolf Dog Extra-Large Large
Sabueso Espanol Spannish Hound Large Medium
Saint Bernard Saint, Alpine Mastiff Extra-Large
Saint-Germain Pointer Braque St. Germain Large
Saluki Arabian Hound, Gazelle Hound, Persian Greyhound Extra-Large
Samoyed Sammy, Samoyedskaya Large
Schapendoes Medium
Schillerstovare Schiller Hound Medium Large
Schipperke Barge Dog Small
Schwyzer Laufhund Swiss Hound
Schwyzer Neiderlaufhunds Small Swiss, Bernese, Lucerne Hounds Medium
Scottish Deerhound Extra-Large
Scottish Terrier Scottie Medium
Sealyham Terrier Sealy Medium
Segugio Italiano Italian Hound, Segugio Large
Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie Small
Shiba Inu Medium Small
Shih Tzu Chrysanthemum Dog Small Medium
Shikoku Medium Large
Shiloh Shepherd Large
Siberian Husky Arctic Husky, Husky Large
Silky Terrier Australian Silky Terrier, Sydney Silky, Silky Toy Terrier Small Medium
Skye Terrier Medium
Sloughi Arabian Greyhound, Slughi Large
Slovensky Kuvac Slovak Cuvac, Slovakian Chuvach, Tatransky Cuvac Extra-Large Large
Smalandsstovare Smalands Hound Medium
Small Munsterlander Kleiner Munsterlander Vorstehhund, Heidewachtel, Spion Medium
Smooth Collie Large
Smooth Fox Terrier Small
Soft Coated Wheaton Large
South Russian Sheepdog South Russian Ovtcharka Extra-Large
Spanish Greyhound Galgo Espanol Large
Spanish Mastiff Mastin Espanol, Mastin de la Mancha, Mastin de Extremadura Extra-Large
Spanish Pointer Perdiguero de Burgos, Perdiguero Burgales Large
Spanish Water Dog Perro de Aguas Medium
Spinone Italiano Spinone, Italian Spinone Large
St. Hubert Jura Laufhund Jura Laufhund Medium
Stabyhoun Medium
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Large Medium
Standard Mancester Terrier Small
Standard Mexican Hairless Xoloitzcuintli, Tepeizeuintli Medium
Standard Poodle Caniche, Barbone, Poodle Large
Standard Schnauzer Mittelschnauzer Medium Large
Styrian Rough-Haired Mountain Hound Peintinger Bracke Medium
Sussex Spaniel Medium
Swedish Elkhound Jamthund Large
Swedish Lapphund Lapplandska Spets. Medium
Swedish Vallhund Vallhund, Vasgotaspets, Swedish Cattle Dog Medium
Tervuren Belgian Shepherd Dog Large
Thai Ridgeback Large
Tibetan Kyi Apso Bearded Tibetan Mastiff Large
Tibetan Mastiff Do-Khyi Extra-Large
Tibetan Spaniel Small
Tibetan Terrier Dhoki Apso Medium
Tosa Inu Tosa Fighting Dog, Japanese Fighting Dog Extra-Large
Toy American Eskimo Eskie Small
Toy Fox Terrier American Toy Terrier, Amertoy Small
Toy Manchester Small Medium
Toy Mexican Hairless Xoloitzcuintli, Tepeizeuintli Small
Toy Poodle Small Medium
Transylvanian Hound Erdelyi Kopo, Hungarian Hound Large
Treeing Walker Coonhound Large Extra-Large
Vizsla Hungarian Vizsla, Magyar Vizsla, Hungarian Pointer Large
Volpino Italiano Cane de Quirinale, Small
Weimaraner Weimaraner Vorstehhund Extra-Large Large
Welsh Springer Spaniel Medium
Welsh Terrier Medium
West Highland White Weslie Medium
West Siberian Laika Large
Wetterhoun Otterhoun, Dutch Spaniel Medium
Whippet Large
Wire Fox Terrier Small
Wire-Haired Vizsla Dortsz Large
Wirehaired Pointer Griffon WPG, Griffon d'Arret Korthals Large
Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie Small Medium
Yugoslavian Mountain Hound Jugoslavenski Planinski Gonic Large
Yugoslavian Tricolored Hound Jugoslavenski Tribarvni Gonic Large


Assembly is as easy as:




What separates us from the others?

  • Box walls come as a single completed unit
  • Assembly simply requires 4 screws (included with every box).
  • The assembled Dura-Whelp® is easy to clean, light-weight and easily moved, our imitators’ boxes come apart when lifted, ask them.
  • The Puppy Rails offer added safety, so you can sleep at night and are FREE with every whelping box.
  • Full Door (included) slides up and out

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