Frequently asked questions

Is there a Warranty on Dura-Whelp Products?
What is the Dura-Whelp Box made of?
How high are the puppy rails (pig rails) off the floor?
Are inside dimensions the same as the outside?
How thick is the plastic?
How heavy are the Dura-Whelp Boxes?
How high is the door opening from the floor?
What cleaners can be used on the plastic?
What heat sources can be used?
How is the Dura-Whelp put together?
What size box is right for my breed?
How do I wash my Dura-Whelp Pads?
How high should the Therma-Whelp Lamp be positioned?
Are there any electrical cords attached to the Therma-Whelp Cradle?
How much $$$ does it cost?